We believe our business values, core ethics, and how strongly we constantly put them into practice and abide by them, will define every aspect of our business…here they are…

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- Since 2008 -

BusyBees 3 Core Value - Working Fair and Color Code Clean and For Green

The Five Pillars Of Our Operations

We Specialize in industry’s most difficult chores; First to cater for our clients’ needs in the best of ways, and Second to maintain market leadership. We have done this by simply focusing on 5 aspects of the business;

1- The Service Offering

2- How We Deliver (Team & Tools)

3- Clients Perspective

4- Management & Social Dimension

5- Focus on Quality

Our Business Values

Our  Business Values are simple and revolve around our Clients + Employees = Society;

  1. Hard Work PAYS…ALWAYS…
  2. Investment in HR: Hire, Connect, Train, and Develop
  3. Quality in EVERYTHING we do …
  4. Innovation in Products & Services …
  5. Use latest technology & Best Equipment …
  6. The Right Partners are Key to Success …
  7. Communication & Marketing make all the difference …
  8. CSR starts within …Environmental Friendly Equipment & Detergents for example…

BusyBees Dubai Five Pillars Of Our Values


BusyBees plan is to conserve the values on which it was build and still operates. For the short and medium runs, we have a specific “Things to do” list based on internal management vision, coupled with our consultants’ recommendations, and before all, our Clients’ current and future needs;


Grow and Serve Icon - BusyBees Dubai Business Values

Grow & Serve

Continuous Development of our Staff while double our operations volume & cover inside Dubai, then Abu Dhabi, then the whole GCC


Innovative Services Icon - BusyBees Dubai Business Values

Innovative Services

Develop & Introduce complimentary and refined services ex: facility management of short-term holiday rentals, ultra-sonic washing, ice blasting among others.


IT for Better Management Icon - BusyBees Dubai Business Values

IT for better Management 

Use technology to have a higher instant visibility on all our operations around the clock and around the world (Other Franchise Offices)


Customer Experience Icon - BusyBees Dubai Business Values

Customer Experience

Create a seamless interactive experience for our clients through apps, websites, social media channels, internal/Ext. IT system


Partner With The Best Icon - BusyBees Dubai Business Values

Partner With The Best

Continue to partner and grow with the best, with the aim of building better integrated and seamless offerings for our clients


Sustainable CSR The Best Icon - BusyBees Dubai Business Values

Sustainable CSR

Continue and work more on CSR topics; Environmental Friendly Equipment & Detergents, Women empowerment , and Social Work among others.

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