Simple Green: Training And Development:Simple Green Training And Development Partner With BusyBees

To Honor Its Promise to Partner With The Best For The Sake Of Its Clients And Team, BusyBees  Partnered 5 Years Ago With Simple Green. For More Than 35 Years, Simple Green Has Been USA’s Visionary Company Becoming No.1 Environmental Friendly Detergent.

Simple Green Are Water Based, Biodegradable, Low Vapors, Non-Toxic Detergents. Simple Green Products Spans Across More Than 20 Very Useful Applications For Different Areas Around The House.

For Our Team To Be Up-to-Date With The Latest Detergents Technology And Solutions, We Organize Regularly Training Sessions (At Least Once  A Year) With Our Simple Green Suppliers – Safe Trade.

The Applications Are Many But Here Are Some Of The Products You Can Buy At Very Special Discounts (Through BusyBees) Directly From Safetrade;

BusyBees Dubai Training And Development - we Use Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner
BusyBees Dubai Training And Development - We Use Simple Green Clean Finish Killing Safely 99.9% Of Germs
BusyBees Dubai Training And Development - We Use Simple Green Stone Cleaner BusyBees Dubai Uses Simple Green Stone Polish BusyBees Dubai Uses Simple Green Stainless Steel CleanerBusyBees Dubai Uses Simple Green Lime Scale RemoverBusyBees Dubai Uses Simple Green BBQ Cleaner

Karcher Training

Karcher - BusyBees Cleaning Partner

BusyBees Has Chosen Another Company With A Very Solid Legacy of Quality And Dedication To Its Clients, Team, And Partners. KARCHER gmbh A German Company With over 75 years of Experience In Manufacturing And Distributing Cleaning Equipment. We Have Been Exclusively Training Our Team On Using KARCHER Machines Since 2013.

Cleaning Industry Best Practices


BusyBees Group Implements Best Cleaning And Work Practices There Is In The Industry. We Focus On Three Major Points Related To Best Practice While For Our Operations;






1. Color Code Cleaning:

At BusyBees, we follow the color coding system to segregate between Kitchen (Green) Bathroom (Red), and living area’s (Blue) cleaning cloths, machines, and equipment. Which means, that unlike most other cleaning companies, we will designate different cleaning equipment to certain areas, thus ensuring a perfectly clean and safe environment for you and your loved ones.




2. We Go For The Green Choice:

At BusyBees, being an Eco-friendly operated company, we always keep both environmental and human safety in mind. We pledge to act ethically and consider the consequences our choices have on our employees, clients, and the environment. And so, we are extremely  cautious and considerate when it comes to social responsibility and sustainability. We put our values into practice through using Environmental friendly machines and detergents.


BusyBees Group Is Working Fair




3. We Are Working Fair:

At BusyBees, our business ethics govern everything we do, from which machines and cleaning equipment we use, to how we deal with our customers, suppliers, and employees. When it comes to our employees, we have a very real and enduring concern for their well-being and safety. That’s why our choices are always guided by ethical principles including, honesty, equity, respect and caring.

Internal Training Session – Palm Jumeirah – December 2017

Beside Training Provided By Our Suppliers & Partners, BusyBees Dubai Management Insists On Internal Training And Development Through Periodical Training Sessions In Rent Or Owners’ Facilities To Ensure New And Existing Team Members Have The Necessary Hands-On Experience To Provide The Best Quality Of Service To Our Current And Future Clients.

Marketing & Communications

Busybees Dubai Marketing And Management Teams Always Communicate With Its Clients With The Best Available Tools In The Industry. Whether Social Media, Website, Or An Event For Pregnant Couples, BusyBees Management Insists On Providing Transparent And Innovative Cleaning And Maintenance Solutions.

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