Water Hygiene is of utmost importance in extremely hot and moist weathers. BusyBees Dubai ensures the water that reaches your taps, washing machine, and showers is clean, bacteria and algae free. We clean & disinfect water tanks with the latest, most up to date detergents and cleaning techniques.

Preparing for a special event and worried about the cleaning before and specially after? Call us anytime for parties’ preparation cleaning & setup and post parties cleaning and returning as new furniture, carpets, walls, kitchen, bathrooms…etc. Whether at odd hours or remote locations, we have the necessary experience since 2009 to speed clean post parties and prepare and assist during.

Dubai is known to be the real estate development hub of the GCC and maybe the region with a huge surge in construction of new buildings, districts, and cities. Whether for a studio, apartment, or a whole building, post construction cleaning has proved to be a specialization on its own. Catering for real estate developers, contractors, and interior designers, BusyBees has developed skills and worked with detergents and machines suppliers to come out with the best formula to protect and clean a construction site after the workers are out and prepare it for Tenancy. Targeting small details and special materials, we ensure the following is taken care of.

Indoor Air Quality is an integral part of the wellbeing of family and employees in Dubai, a city where we spend more than 85%-90% of your time indoors. If neglected for a long time, uncleaned Air Ducts can cause serious ailments and respiratory diseases. In only a few months, your air ducts can build mould and mildew (fungi), harmful bacteria and even house pests and/or rodents.

Inspecting, cleaning, and sterilizing your air ducts every 4-6 months, ensures your respiratory health is safe, AC system maintained, and energy consumption minimized. With BusyBees Dubai and Rotobrush the latest technology for inspection, cleaning, and disinfecting air ducts ensures all your HVAC components are cared for, cleaned and sterilized; Ducts, Coils, Drain Pans, Grills, Air PB Motor among others.

Furthermore, we use antimicrobic mixtures to disinfect and sterilize the ducts and its components preventing regeneration of bacteria and mildews

After BusyBees Dubai with Rotobrush clean your air duct and AC components your will be care free knowing your Air Conditioning Ducts and System are;

Steam Cleaning and Sanitizing is necessary to conduct every month on specific areas around your home to minimize any contamination possibility and exterminate accumulating germs and harmful microorganisms…read more on the topic on expatwoman.com.
Hot Steam can kill a wide range of bacteria and viruses. Steam Cleaning And Sanitizing on regular basis specific areas (listed below) that are most prone to gather and build up bacteria, germs, and viruses around the house protects your health as well as your loved ones’.

If you’re planning for a special event at your backyard or just feel it’s too messy and need professional cleaning, we are there for you to clean and disinfect your outdoor area like never before. We get you covered with the following & more

We understand that your furniture may be one of the most important investments in your home.With that in mind, you can count on BusyBees expertise to get the job done right.We use our specially formulated furniture cleaning agents to powerfully but safely clean your furniture, to inject new life into your favorite chair or sofa. Our experts ensure that everything is done right, without damaging the fabric/colors. The results speak for themselves: cleaner, durable and improved air quality. You’ll get rid of the dirt, dust, odors and other pollutants that collect in the cracks of your furniture so that you can take comfort in the fact that better care extends the life of your investment & ensures a better environment for you.Please check the list across for an estimated price of the furniture cleaning. (min order AED300).

Forget The Stress & Hassle – We Can Assist You With Move In Cleaning In Dubai!

If you’re moving in to a new house or moving out of it, we provide high quality move out and move in deep cleaning service that is guaranteed to surpass your expectations. Our priority is to make sure that you enjoy moving in to your new place and can assist you by providing best-in-class move in cleaning services in Dubai.

BusyBees – Deep Cleaning Dubai Services That Will Surpass Your Expectations

Deep Cleaning is a service for those who want a meticulous care for their houses, seeking a cleaning session like never before, this service is exactly what you’ve always needed. This service covers all the details, even the little ones. We don’t only clean, we disinfect as well. This service is done using the manual tools, vacuums machines, and our Diversey eco-friendly detergents. Here are the details we do during our deep cleaning session:

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