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Fees By The Hour

This Section clarifies Our Cleaning Fees When Charged By The Hour. i.e. When You Use One Cleaner For 4 Hours Of Light Cleaning (without material), It Will Cost You According to the Table Above 4 x 40 AED = 160 AED. If You Use 2 Cleaners For 4 Hours it Will Cost 2 x 160 AED = 320 AED.

Some Services Require A Minimum Number of Hours, To Be Able To Service Our Clients Better.

For Odd Hours Cleaning Fees: BusyBees Charges Increase To Cover The Extra Operation Charges

In Some Cases, This Way Of Charging Is More Suitable To Our Clients Than By The Hour Charges (Who Allows More customizations)

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Service TypeRegular Hour Rate (AED)6PM to 10 PM Rate (AED)Remarks
Deep /Spring Cleaning6585min 4 hours
Move In cleaning6580min 4 hours
Outdoor Cleaning6580min 4 hours
Regular Cleaning with Material4570min 4 hours
Regular Cleaning without Material4065min 4 hours
Steam Cleaning Sanitizing6580min 4 hours
Furniture Cleaningmin 300 AEDmin 400 AEDPlease see table below
Scotch Guard (Furniture)min 300 AEDmin 400 AEDNew or Additional to Furniture Cleaning
Maintenance /Handyman120300min 2.5 hours

Fees By Rooms

The charge by area section clarifies our cleaning fees when charged by number of rooms. It also clarifies the charges in case the unit is furnished.

To clarify further, when our client is moving into a two bedrooms apartment, he will be charged a lump-sum amount of AED 1495 for the move-in cleaning service.

In case this 2 bedrooms apartment is furnished the lump-sum amount paid for “deep cleaning” (including washing furniture and carpets) will be: AED 2100.

Please note that inspection may be required in both cases.

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Move in/out & Steam Cleaning (Not Including Furniture Cleaning)
1 bedroom
2 bedroom
3 bedroom
4 bedroom
5 bedroom
Deep Cleaning (Including Furniture Cleaning)
1 bedroom
2 bedroom
3 bedroom
4 bedroom
5 bedroom

Furniture Cleaning

This Section Clarify Our Cleaning Fees Per Type of Furniture & Area Of Carpets This service requires a minimum number of hours (AED 300) to be able to service our clients better.

For odd hours cleaning fees: BusyBees charges increase to cover the extra operation charges. (Unless the service started earlier & continued through) If furniture was treated before, please inform our operations staff.

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Carpet cleaningsqm15
Moquette cleaningsqm10
Living Room chair cotton/suede1 Item80
Living Room chair leather1 Item120
Auto man1 Item60
Sofa 2 seaters cotton/ Suede1 Item100
Sofa 2 seaters leather1 Item180
Sofa 3 seaters cotton/ Suede1 Item140
Sofa 3 seaters leather1 Item220
Sofa 4 seaters cotton/ Suede1 Item180
Sofa 4 seaters leather1 Item260
L shape Sofa cotton/Suede1 Item220
L shape Sofa leather1 Item300
Dining room chair base & back1 Item35
Dining room chair base only1 Item25
California King size mattress1 Item150
King Size Mattress1 Item150
Queen size mattress1 Item125
Double(twin) size mattress1 Item100
Single size mattress1 Item90
Baby mattress1 Item60


This section regularly features valuable offers for clients. We update the offers depending on season and clients’ feedback, so please return back to check this section on regular basis.

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