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Deep Cleaning Company Dubai

Busy Bees Dubai is the company you can trust for deep cleaning in Dubai. Our team is committed to providing thorough and efficient deep cleaning services that make your spaces look and feel clean, fresh, and inviting.

Deep Cleaning

BusyBees – Deep Cleaning Dubai Services That Will Surpass Your Expectations

Deep Cleaning is a service for those who want a meticulous care for their houses, seeking a cleaning session like never before, this service is exactly what you’ve always needed. This service covers all the details, even the little ones. We don’t only clean, we disinfect as well. This service is done using the manual tools, vacuums machines, and our Diversey eco-friendly detergents. Here are the details we do during our deep cleaning session:

Apartment Deep Cleaning Services Dubai

Busy Bees Dubai provides thorough Apartment Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai, ensuring your living space is cleaned by our skilled professionals.

A True Specialty Service

Trusted & Reliable Deep Cleaning Dubai Service

Kitchen, kitchenette, pantry, service exits, storage rooms and laundry room.

Best Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services Dubai

A clean and sanitary kitchen is essential for a safe and healthy cooking environment. BusyBees Dubai offers professional kitchen cleaning services in Dubai, ensuring your kitchen is spotless and hygienic.

Our Kitchen Cleaning Services Include:

Top Bathroom Deep Cleaning Dubai

A clean and sanitized bathroom is essential for hygiene and comfort.BusyBees Dubai offers professional bathroom deep cleaning services in Dubai, ensuring your bathroom is thoroughly cleaned and free from germs.

Our Bathroom Deep Cleaning Services Include:

Bathrooms, powder rooms and Spas.


All living areas and dinning.


Villa Deep Cleaning Dubai

BusyBees Dubai provides professional villa deep cleaning services in Dubai, UAE. Our experienced team ensures a thorough cleaning, leaving your villa spotless and refreshed.

Why Choose BusyBees Villa Deep Cleaning Service?

Contact us today for a quotation on your villa cleaning requirements. Experience the joy of a pristine villa with our top-notch cleaning services!

Why Choose BusyBees Dubai for Bathroom, Apartment, Villa & Kitchen Deep Cleaning:

Service TypeRegular Hour Rate (AED)Remarks
Regular Cleaning with material45.00min 3 hours
Regular Cleaning without material40.00min 3 hours
Deep/Spring Cleaning (Furnished Units)65.00min 4 hours
Move In Cleaning (Non Furnished)60.00min 4 hours
Furniture Cleaningmin 300 AEDPlease see table below
Scotch Guard (Furniture)min 300 AEDNew or Additional to Furniture Cleaning
Outdoor Cleaning (including glass GF & 1st)60.00min 4 hours
Sanitization/Steam Cleaning60.00min 4 hours
Maintenance /Handyman120.00min 2.5 hours