At some point in 2016, BusyBees was operating 3 franchise offices in 3 different continents and more than 80 employees. For a team of 4 top managers, this task was almost impossible. We turned to industry’s best for a helping/guiding hand to put sustainable order into our growing franchise operations. Among the 4 companies currently consulting and over-viewing the restructuring and sustainable growth of BusyBees Group franchise business…Jobber was one of the partners we decided to rely on after our proprietary management back-end software became too simple for our growing operations.

We are currently implementing Jobber Operations Software in 2 countries, an operational platform that applies the latest Geo-tagging, scheduling, CRM, payment solution, and invoicing technologies among many other perks for our clients, team, and suppliers.

With most perks directed to our dear clients, Jobber’s “Clients Hub” accessible here will allow full accessibility to personal accounts, scheduled and past services, request issuing, among others. Our team is equipped with a tab to sign-in and out of jobs and soon will ask you to sign his service off on the tab. Finally, your comments and ratings are most welcome when you receive our service follow-up emails at the end of the week. Again, give it a try here ….it’s a two step sign-in process that won’t take more than a minute…

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