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Deep Cleaning And General Maintenance In Dubai

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Your Professional Partner for Deep Cleaning and General Maintenance Services

BusyBees Dubai is your trusted choice for top-quality deep cleaning and general maintenance services in Dubai. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we ensure that your spaces are thoroughly cleaned and well-maintained, leaving them pristine and refreshed.

Comprehensive Deep Cleaning Services

Our deep cleaning services in Dubai are designed to tackle dirt, grime, and bacteria in every corner of your home or office. From scrubbing floors to disinfecting surfaces, our skilled professionals utilize advanced techniques and eco-friendly products to deliver exceptional results.

General Maintenance Solutions

In addition to deep cleaning, BusyBees Dubai offers general maintenance services to keep your spaces in optimal condition. Whether it’s repairing fixtures, painting walls, or fixing minor issues, our team is equipped to handle all your maintenance needs with precision and efficiency. We provide maintenance services on demand or through a predefine scope of work (contractual agreement);

Transparent Pricing and Reviews

At BusyBees Dubai, we believe in transparency and customer satisfaction. Our pricing is transparent, and always posted online. If we have a promotion or discount offers, we announce them through an advertising campaign. BusyBees strives to provide the best value for your money for any service of Deep Cleaning and General Maintenance in Dubai. Also, you can check out our Dubai Clean reviews to see what our satisfied customers have to say about our services.

Specifically for the general maintenance services we have a minimum order of 2.5 hours and we don’t usually supply parts. If we do supply parts, we will charge 25% extra to compensate for time and transportation. We guarantee high-quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. Thank you for choosing our handyman service.

Professionalism and Expertise

Our team of professionals is highly trained and experienced in providing deep cleaning and general maintenance services in Dubai since 2008. We prioritize professionalism and attention to detail, ensuring that every job is completed to the highest possible standards with great regard to safety.

Maintenance Services

BusyBees understands the local needs of maintenance and handyman . We have an array of supporting maintenance services that cover the following services.

Anything you may need in and around the house, our team can cater for, starting from the simple replacement of light bulbs, to complex plumbing refitting and refurbishing services. We guarantee your satisfaction no matter what is the job.

Our trained and qualified staff will perform many jobs in less time. Just book your service and clarify your need, and we will not let you down.

Contact BusyBees Dubai Today

Experience the difference that professional deep cleaning and general maintenance services can make for your home or office. Contact BusyBees Dubai today to schedule an appointment or inquire about any services. Let us take care of the cleaning and maintenance so you can enjoy a clean, well-maintained environment without the hassle. Trust BusyBees Dubai for all your deep cleaning and maintenance needs in Dubai.

Service TypeRegular Hour Rate (AED)Remarks
Regular Cleaning with material45.00min 3 hours
Regular Cleaning without material40.00min 3 hours
Deep/Spring Cleaning (Furnished Units)65.00min 4 hours
Move In Cleaning (Non Furnished)60.00min 4 hours
Furniture Cleaningmin 300 AEDPlease see table below
Scotch Guard (Furniture)min 300 AEDNew or Additional to Furniture Cleaning
Outdoor Cleaning (including glass GF & 1st)60.00min 4 hours
Sanitization/Steam Cleaning60.00min 4 hours
Maintenance /Handyman120.00min 2.5 hours