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Looking for an affordable babysitter in Dubai? BusyBees can help!

As part of our home range of services to our clients, we provide a babysitting service dedicated to provide a personalized, caring, efficient and affordable service to families located in Dubai and for those visiting families who can book the service before coming to Dubai to enjoy their trip with more flexibility. The service can be both in-house or outdoor, so that you can have a babysitter with you while shopping or hanging out with your friends.

Our qualified and experienced staff are carefully matched to each family and carry the caring and loving ethos that BusyBees embodies as they are well-trained mothers.

Providing babysitters to families across Dubai to try to complement our services to include every little job that helps de-stress our busy lives.

Pricing, Policy and Working Hours

Our pre-determined prices are based on fixed hourly rates of AED 50 starting at 7pm. This rate is subject to change according to seasonality, for instance the rate is AED 100 per hour during Christmas, New Year, Eid el-Adha & Eid el-Fitr. During peak seasons, 50% deposit is required and any cancellation should be done at least 48 hours before the booked service.

In addition to the fixed hourly rates, the client will be charged for a two-ways taxi for the babysitter, only in case the service is provided during public holidays, finishes after 7PM or starts later than 7PM.

Our babysitting service is available from Saturday to Thursday. We are not usually operating on Fridays & public holidays unless requested by customers, in which case the hourly rate will become AED 60.

Trust & Safety

If you decide that hiring a babysitter is a child care option that suits your family, it’s important to choose the right person for the role. We conduct police checks to find out whether our employees have any prior convictions recorded against them. We also ensure that the babysitting staff is of good character via reference checks. Our team consists of experienced mothers who know very well how to take care of your children.

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