• Q - I’m unable to calculate the estimated hours needed to clean my house. ▼
  • Answer - This will depend on many factors including the status of the house, the type of furniture, the total area to be cleaned. We are offering an inspection service to calculate the exact cost & duration needed as well as the number of the cleaners.
  • Q - I don’t like having cleaners whom I don’t know at home. ▼
  • Answer - We care about your satisfaction, a reliable & well-trained staff is ready to clean your house, honesty is guaranteed from our multinational company. We conduct strict security & background checks on all employees.
  • Q - My kids are asthmatic, is it safe to clean the house while they’re at home? ▼
  • Answer - We respect the environment & all the products used by BusyBees are eco-friendly, they are not harmful to the body nor the environment.
  • Q - I cannot understand the difference between the services. ▼
  • Answer - Please visit this page for a detailed description of all our services. Alternatively, you can fill a contact form & we will get in touch with you or give us a call at  +97143609663 or +971507090626.
  • Q - I’m planning to move into a new house, how can you help me clean the house? ▼
  • Answer - Please refer to the Move In service page to see all the details, should you need further information, please call us at   +97143609663 or +971507090626.or submit a contact form request.
  • Q - What should happen after the pest control service is provided? ▼
  • Answer - We recommend a minimum time of 6 hours outside the house to ensure the safety of your family.
  • Q - I am unable to determine whether I need light or deep cleaning? ▼
  • Answer - You can ask for a free inspection. For more information about both services, kindly click here.
  • Q - Can I request a cleaning service for a specific part of the house? ▼
  • Answer - Yes, you can, but with a minimum of 4 hours request.
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