Due to the humid and extremely hot nature of the weather in UAE, Indoor Air Quality has become one top concern for both home and business owners’ health. In Dubai, Airconditioner is a matter of life and death 300 days of the year and if the quality of air is infested with bacteria or any kind of pest or rodents, it could become detrimental for the dwellers of the house or office. Thus, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has become a top priority of the Dubai Municipality on its 2021 agenda

BusyBees Dubai being one of few certified COVID frontline fighting companies, is seeking to work hand-in-hand with the Dubai authority to ensure this Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) policy is being implemented sustainably with the most moderate of costs. With one of Dubai highest trained and equiped teams, BusyBees Dubai provides in collaboration with Rotobrush one of the world’s top Ducts inspection, cleaning, and curing services in the industry.

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