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Team Cleaning Professionals

Our team of Cleaning Professionals is one of the best picked, trained, paid, and cared for in the industry. We are very keen on the psychological and physical well being of our staff as you will see in “Our Core Values” section. Whereas for training and development, we conduct at least one specialised training per semester and follow closely the quality of life our team enjoys…at the end it all reflects on the sustainability of the business and the happiness of our clients.

What Our Clients Say

Cleaning Professionals – On Going Training & Development

Why Choose Us

BusyBees has one of the lowest employee turnover rate in the industry. That mainly due to the fact that all team members love their jobs and are very well trained to face their daily tasks. In return, all the latter reflects on our employees attitude and manners which in turn translate into clients’ satisfaction.

We rotate our team internally and ensure that our team leaders, and senior staff grow and advance, if they choose to continue within our company. Four of our team members have been with BusyBees for 8+ years, and 2 of them are top managers at BusyBees Dubai now. See Training & Development Galleries + Industry Best Practices here.

Again, training is key to ensure the pool of knowledge is growing and is constantly shared and maintained inside BusyBees company. We have at least one hands-on training per semester with one of our suppliers or through one of our consultants internally.

See Training & Development Galleries + Industry Best Practices here.

End of 2017, we have installed one of USA’s top cleaning management and planning software on our back-end operations “Jobber“. Having the client and future in mind, we are continuously investing in IT and technology to ensure our business sustainability, efficiency, and the best service standard is provided to our clients…please read more about our Plans for the Future.