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Steam Cleaning and Sanitizing

Steam Cleaning and Sanitizing is necessary to conduct every month on specific areas around your home to minimize any contamination possibility and exterminate accumulating germs and harmful microorganisms…read more on the topic on expatwoman.com.
Hot Steam can kill a wide range of bacteria and viruses. Steam Cleaning And Sanitizing on regular basis specific areas (listed below) that are most prone to gather and build up bacteria, germs, and viruses around the house protects your health as well as your loved ones’.

Steam Cleaning and Sanitizing Service


Bathrooms are full of mould, odors, bacterium, virus, and other microorganism that can cause diseases. Steam Cleaning and Sanitizing is a must every month at least if not more.


Kitchen like bathroom needs deep Cleaning and Sanitizing every month (at least twice a year) to avoid the pile up of very harmful bacteria, viruses, odors, and mould. BusyBees doesn’t just disinfect and clean the outer parts, but the
inside of your cabinets and invisible dirty corners, leaving your kitchen sparkling and harm free… just as new. Also, your appliances need regular cleaning and maintenance to minimize the possibility of food contamination.

Adult/Children Rooms

Fight bacteria and dust mites making sure your children bed, toys, room are regularly cleaned, and sanitized with our Steam Cleaning and Sanitizing tools. We use the most professional German machines (Karcher)

Around the house

Service TypeRegular Hour Rate (AED)Remarks
Regular Cleaning with material45.00min 3 hours
Regular Cleaning without material40.00min 3 hours
Deep/Spring Cleaning (Furnished Units)65.00min 4 hours
Move In Cleaning (Non Furnished)60.00min 4 hours
Furniture Cleaningmin 300 AEDPlease see table below
Scotch Guard (Furniture)min 300 AEDNew or Additional to Furniture Cleaning
Outdoor Cleaning (including glass GF & 1st)60.00min 4 hours
Sanitization/Steam Cleaning60.00min 4 hours
Maintenance /Handyman120.00min 2.5 hours