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Our Cleaning Partners are not just companies we buy from products and services, but rather an important indicator of how serious we take our clients and the future of our business. BusyBees Group cleaning partners directly affect the quality of service our clients “experience” and thus the group’s management takes very seriously the process of choosing a specific partner…check each tab below to know more about our partners.



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Diversey is a leading multinational supplier of products and solutions for hygiene, infection prevention, and cleaning. BusyBees Dubai and Diversey have succeeded in servicing clients in most efficient and professional and cost effective of ways, while preserving clients’ assets and homes. Whether product, equipment, or service BusyBees Dubai and Diversey have worked and solved many challenging cases with the client with great success and sustainability. https://diversey.ae/

Due to the humid and extremely hot nature of the weather in UAE, Indoor Air Quality has become one top concern for both home and business owners’ health. In Dubai, Airconditioner is a matter of life and death 300 days of the year and if the quality of air is infested with bacteria or any kind of pest or rodents, it could become detrimental for the dwellers of the house or office. Thus, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has become a top priority of the Dubai Municipality on its 2021 agenda

BusyBees Dubai being one of few certified COVID frontline fighting companies, is seeking to work hand-in-hand with the Dubai authority to ensure this Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) policy is being implemented sustainably with the most moderate of costs. With one of Dubai highest trained and equiped teams, BusyBees Dubai provides in collaboration with Rotobrush one of the world’s top Ducts inspection, cleaning, and curing services in the industry.

BusyBees Dubai ensures with Network International Payment Solutions (over half the UAE market share) that its clients enjoy market’s most flexible, touchless, safest and smartest of the world’s most advanced payment solutions. Whether online, offline, mobile based, or through credit card BusyBees Dubai tries to make clients’ lives easier through continuous positive collaboration with Network International Payment Solutions.

Elite Express is a company that has built more than 15 years of solid expertise in UAE, 10 of which have cooperated with BusyBees Dubai. The business of pest controlling and managing is very serious in hot and damp environments, whether it’s ants, bedbugs, cockroaches, ticks, fleas, termites, flies, rats or spiders, we use the latest techniques in the industry of pest / rodent control and management, ensuing safety of dwellers and environment and sustainability of eco system when deemed necessary. Both our companies are certified and municipality approved, an important reassurance point that when coupled with very competitive fees and astonishing results is a heavenly combination for our clientele.

CHEMEX has been one of the cleaning and hygiene industry leaders in the GCC since the early nineties. With over 3 decades of trust and quality service and products in UAE, BusyBees Dubai has successfully worked with CEMEX on many commercial and residential projects. Today, we ensure through close collaboration our clients’ needs are met and exceeded through close attention and world class service level standards jointly set and met on every single cleaning, hygiene, or equipment supply project work on or manage.

BusyBees Dubai Have Signed With Quintessentially UAE, The Award Winning multinational Concierge And Lifestyle Management Company For VIP And Deluxe Services To Be One Of Its Exclusive Service Providers in UAE as Well As In Egypt.

ACCESS sbs is a boutique Egyptian consultancy office that has worked with BusyBees since 2014 on developing and implementing innovative and sustainable business strategies and solutions. In the past 7 years, ACCESS sbs have contributed in BusyBees success…

In BusyBees Group, we believe and internal structure is key to success and sustainable development, along with its consultants, BusyBees has devised a very flexible, yet robust structure allowing its management to face difficult business environments and situations…focusing only on operational challenges with one thing in mind: “Clients’ Satisfaction and the Future”.

Since 2013, BusyBees management has taken part in several national/international growth catalyst program through which they carefully handpicked a group of consultants (partners) with whom they share their management and future vision of the business…read more about our company.

Karcher…the German manufacturer giant of cleaning machines, has always been BusyBees supplier of choice for many reasons that BusyBees management insists not to limit to Karcher’s excellent machines quality, longevity, reliability nor their wide variety of products and their efficient maintenance department, but also attribute their choice to the very intimate human factor Karcher has always displayed towards its clients, performing vendors, and distributors.

What makes Karcher really special as well is its state-of-the-art environmental friendly professional and home lineup of products. You can read more in this section of our website to see why BusyBees Dubai has lined up its strategy with that of Karcher.

At some point in 2016, BusyBees was operating 3 franchise offices in 3 different continents and more than 80 employees. For a team of 4 top managers, this task was almost impossible. We turned to industry’s best for a helping/guiding hand to put sustainable order into our growing franchise operations. Among the 4 companies currently consulting and over-viewing the restructuring and sustainable growth of BusyBees Group franchise business…Jobber was one of the partners we decided to rely on after our proprietary management back-end software became too simple for our growing operations.

We are currently implementing Jobber Operations Software in 2 countries, an operational platform that applies the latest Geo-tagging, scheduling, CRM, payment solution, and invoicing technologies among many other perks for our clients, team, and suppliers.

With most perks directed to our dear clients, Jobber’s “Clients Hub” accessible here will allow full accessibility to personal accounts, scheduled and past services, request issuing, among others. Our team is equipped with a tab to sign-in and out of jobs and soon will ask you to sign his service off on the tab. Finally, your comments and ratings are most welcome when you receive our service follow-up emails at the end of the week. Again, give it a try here ….it’s a two step sign-in process that won’t take more than a minute…

GreenBee is our latest division initially created to provide very specialized services for businesses working exclusively in renewable energy as well servicing a very niche market of ecologically conscious clientele.

First launched as a nucleus experimental division inside our Dubai operation, now, our financial consultant is fundraising for its launch mid/end next year.

Footprint became our partner in time, both our companies started operations almost a decade earlier and we grew through reciprocal support and respect. We are Footprint’s cleaning company of choice, specially in urgent situations…a tight deadline move-in/out cleaning and maintenance, a special unplanned VVIP visit, or simply a client that needs help…we’re always there for them.

Footprint is one of Dubai’s oldest yet most energetic and dynamic real estate companies with its HQ in Dubai, UAE, it has four fully operational branch offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman serving a very niche and exclusive multinational clientele. Footprint is planning a very agressive regional expansion plan in the coming 2 years, we are thinking about expanding along 😉